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General Information
Plan NamePioneer 2.7 Rate Buster
User Rating: 4.5
Monthly Fee$1.99
State-to-State Rate2.7 ¢/min  24 hours - 7 days a week
In-State RateState Specific
Minimum Usage FeeNone
USF Fee15.7%
Billing Increment60 seconds
Cust Service RatingOutstanding
Cust Service Hrs.M-F 9am-8:00pm
Payment OptionsInvoice will be sent by email, Pay by Check available, Credit Card Payment Recommended
International Rates Expert Review

REVIEW - Pioneer offers a State-to-State rate at 2.7 ¢/min. Pioneer is able to offer this amazing rate by keeping their bad debt ratio extremely low. Wait times for Pioneer customer service rarely exceed 1 minute and they are always helpful should you need anything.

NOTE: Pioneer Telephone will charge a Regulatory Recovery Fee of $1.99/month to help offset the various regulatory costs associated with providing telephone service around the country such as city licensing fees, state and federal reporting requirements and special assessments.  We have updated our site with this information under the Monthly Fee section of our review.

EXTRA SAVINGS - This plan also offers member-to-member calling at 1.9 cents. If you ask your friends to sign up with this plan through our website, you can call any other out-of-state Pioneer customer for 1.9 cents per minute.  (Member-to-member 1.9¢ rates will apply only to interstate calls which originate and terminate with Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) local service providers. Both originating and terminating telephone numbers must be on qualifying Pioneer Telephone rate plans on valid Pioneer Telephone accounts that are in good payment standing.)

CALLING CARDS - If you choose to receive an optional calling card, the rate is 5.9¢/min when calling within the U.S..  Pioneer calling cards will also work to and from the following regions.

TOLL FREE SERVICES - Pioneer's toll free services make it easy and affordable to conduct business nationwide. Order a new toll free number or transfer your existing.

Canada, Alaska
Calling to Canada is 6.9¢/min.
Calling from Canada: 8.9¢/min.
Calling to Alaska is: 9.9 ¢/min.
Calling from Alaska is:19.9¢/min
U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii
Calling to and from is: 6.9¢/min.

Other Available Services
Toll Free # Monthly Charge$0.99
Toll Free (Calls to you)State Specific
Toll Free Setup FeeNone
Calling Card Rate5.9 ¢/min
Calling Card Setup FeeNone
Calling Card SurchargeNone
International Plan Monthly FeeNone
Intl. Billing Increment60 seconds
Payphone Surcharge69 ¢/call
Credit Switching FeeNo
PICC CodeVaries
Commercial Account Information
Biz Line Pic Charge (1st Line)None
Biz Line Pic Charge (multiple)$4.21
Offshore Rates
Alaska7 ¢/min
Guam17 ¢/min
Hawaii7 ¢/min
Puerto rico7 ¢/min
US Virgin Islands7 ¢/min

Long Distance - Did you know?

The USF fee is a mandatory fee implemented by the FCC. Companies can however charge a higher % than required. A higher USF fee can have a significant effect on your final bill. We include the USF Fee into our "Yearly Savings" formula which has a significant role in which plan has the highest Yearly Savings value.

This fee goes to High Cost/Low Income Fund, Schools, Libraries, Rural Health Care, and Telecommunications Relay Services or TRS Fund.

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