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General Information
Plan NameECG Easy 2.5
User Rating: 4.7
Monthly Fee$1.58
State-to-State Rate2.5 ¢/min  24 hours - 7 days a week
In-State RateState Specific
Minimum Usage FeeNone
USF Fee15.7%
Billing Increment6 seconds
Cust Service RatingOutstanding
Cust Service Hrs.M-F 8am-6pm CST
Payment OptionsNo Paper Bill, bill will be emailed, Credit/Debit Card Payment Required
International Rates Expert Review

REVIEW - ECG has introduced a new "Easy" plan that offers customers a low rate of 2.5¢/min. To offer this low rate, ECG has made some changes to their billing and payment options for the 2.5 Easy plan.  ECG will only provide your monthly invoice via email and automatic credit/debit card payments are required.  For those consumers who no longer write checks and are willing to pay via automatic credit card payments, this could be the plan for you.

Here are the details:

  • Interstate Rate 2.5¢/min
  • Six second billing increments
  • 59¢ Monthly Fee (Labeled on your bill as a regulatory recovery fee)
  • Easy Bill is ECG's paperless billing option for customers to view their charges online.
  • Easy Pay is ECG's paperless payment option that let's customers pay their bill electronically via credit/debit card. 

BILLING NOTE - To offset telecom tax regulation costs, ECG has instituted a 59 cent Regulatory Recovery Fee.  In January, 2010, a monthly fee of $0.99 was implemented also for all ECG customers – existing and new.  The total fee is $1.58/month. 

CALLING CARD - ECG also offers an optional calling card at a rate of 12.9¢/min. which can be used from any phone within the U.S.  A one-time $1.00 set-up fee is charged.

Other Available Services
Toll Free # Monthly ChargeNone
Toll Free (Calls to you)State Specific
Toll Free Setup FeeNone
Calling Card Rate12.9 ¢/min
Calling Card Setup Fee$1.00
Calling Card SurchargeN/A
International Plan Monthly FeeNone
Intl. Billing Increment30 seconds
Payphone Surcharge60 ¢/call
Credit Switching FeeNo
PICC CodeVaries
Commercial Account Information
Biz Line Pic Charge (1st Line)None
Biz Line Pic Charge (multiple)$3.50
Offshore Rates
Alaska24 ¢/min
Guam13 ¢/min
Hawaii21 ¢/min
Puerto rico26 ¢/min
US Virgin Islands25 ¢/min

Long Distance - Did you know?

The USF fee is a mandatory fee implemented by the FCC. Companies can however charge a higher % than required. A higher USF fee can have a significant effect on your final bill. We include the USF Fee into our "Yearly Savings" formula which has a significant role in which plan has the highest Yearly Savings value.

This fee goes to High Cost/Low Income Fund, Schools, Libraries, Rural Health Care, and Telecommunications Relay Services or TRS Fund.

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