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OPEX is a leading telecommunications service provider specializing in the fulfillment of Long Distance, Local, Wireless, VoIP and Internet Access services for Business and Residential customers.

OPEX was established with a business strategy of OPerational EXcellence. Their main objective is to empower their customers by providing them with products that offer distinct pricing advantages, superior quality, convenient billing and best in class customer service.

OPEX has partnered with leaders in their respective industries to ensure that their objective of Operational Excellence is accomplished beyond the customers’ expectations.

Long Distance - Did you know?

Many people use the 10-10 dial-around numbers, when they could save even more by using one of the plans compared on our site.

Check out the low rates on many of the offered plans. Then you can go back to dialing regular calls and saving even more. Your fingers will thank you.

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Top Long Distance plans

Opex Value 2.5 logo
Opex Value 2.5 Read reviews
2.5 ¢/min State-to-State
5.4 ¢/min In-State
Pioneer 2.7 Rate Buster logo
Pioneer 2.7 Rate Buster Read reviews
2.7 ¢/min State-to-State
5.9 ¢/min In-State
TCI Saver 3.0 logo
TCI Saver 3.0 Read reviews
3 ¢/min State-to-State
6.8 ¢/min In-State
Pioneer 3.25 TalkCents logo
Pioneer 3.25 TalkCents Read reviews
3.25 ¢/min State-to-State
6.9 ¢/min In-State
ECG Easy 2.5 logo
ECG Easy 2.5 Read reviews
2.5 ¢/min State-to-State
9.8 ¢/min In-State
telna 4.8 - Unique logo
telna 4.8 - Unique Read reviews
4.8 ¢/min State-to-State
6.9 ¢/min In-State