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General information
NameBoost Mobile
User rating 2.7
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Customer base3.1 million
Customer service hrs.24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Network information
Network typeNextel iDEN
Coverage areaNationwide
Roaming partnersnextel
Service activation area48 states
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Company Overview: Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Spring Nextel Corporation and was launched in Australia in 2000.  US rollout began in California and Nevada in 2002 and Boost went nationwide in February 2005. Boost is a "lifestyle-based youth brand" offering wireless voice and entertainment services focused on sports, music, fashion, and entertainment.

Network Benefits: Push-to-Talk (PTT) walkie-talkie feature.

Special Plan Features: Monthly and pre-paid plans available with voice, text/multimedia messaging, "Chirp" (PTT) and wireless Web services; Special rates for mobile-to-mobile calls to Boost, Sprint PCS, and most Nextel subscribers.

Unique Features: Extensive entertainment offerings including web games, Chat/IM, streaming and downloadable audio/video; Boost exclusive handsets feature advanced multimedia capabilities; Boost 411 enhanced directory assistance offers movie listings, driving directions, and other services.

Pros: Push-to-Talk unlimited in network walkie-talkie calling available on a daily or monthly basis; Unique entertainment and messaging services designed to appeal to youth market; Mobile-to-Mobile calling includes Sprint and Nextel users; Premium Plan represents value for heavy PTT, Web, and text message users.

Cons: Limited/No coverage in some Continental 48 states; Limited number of compatible phones available.

Technology Used: Boost operates on Sprint's Nextel iDEN network using Motorola iDEN phones exclusive to Boost.

Coverage: National

Customer Service: See Consumer Reviews

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