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The phones listed below do not include service plans, SIM cards, or other network services.  Before purchasing a phone, make sure that it's compatible with your service provider's network.  Learn more about network technology and phone compatibility here.

HTC One (M8) 16GB Silver
One (M8) 16GB Silver
User rating: Not rated
Apple iPhone 5s Space Gray 16GB
iPhone 5s Space Gray 16GB
User rating: Not rated
LG G3 Metallic Black
G3 Metallic Black
User rating: Not rated
LG Spectrum 2
Spectrum 2
User rating: Not rated
Motorola DROID RAZR M Black
User rating: Not rated
Samsung Stratosphere II Black
Stratosphere II Black
User rating: Not rated
Samsung Galaxy Note II Titanium Gray 16GB
Galaxy Note II Titanium Gray 16GB
User rating: Not rated
Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB White
Galaxy S III 16GB White
User rating: Not rated
Google Nexus 4
Nexus 4
User rating: Not rated

How it works?

Each day we obtain pricing information from reputable online merchants who sell cellular phones and services.  We then compile this data and post it in our Pricing Comparison Charts to make it easy for you to compare pricing and read user reviews for every authorized online dealer and online store. We only consider merchants with fair return policies and established reputations for inclusion in our comparison network.

You'll find valuable information whether you're purchasing a phone for the first time, switching carriers, looking for a replacement phone, or adding a line to an existing account.  After choosing a phone, you'll notice the tabs to compare prices in the following categories:

  1. Phone with New Plan:  Phones being offered when purchased with a contract calling plan. Sold by "authorized online dealers".  Most relevant area for first time buyers or when switching carriers.

  2. Phones with Family Plan:  2 or more phones offered when purchased with a family calling plan. Sold by "authorized online dealers".
  3. Phone Only - (2 ways to replace your phone)
    • Carrier upgrades:  You may qualify for a replacement phone at a discounted price from your carrier.  Carrier upgrades can be done directly with your carrier, or through an authorized online dealers.
    • Third party:  Replace your phone without a contract extension from various online stores and ebay.

  4. Add-a-line:  Many carriers allow users to add additional lines to an existing account, read more
  5. Pre-paid:  If you don’t qualify for a contract calling plan, or just need temporary cell service.

Benefits of using our cellular comparison?

  • Comparison Shopping - compares the prices from reputable online merchants, which allows you to find the best deals.
  • Convenience - Compare before selecting a phone, provider, and plan using our unique set of tools such as the Dealer Pricing Comparison Chart, Buyers Guide, Phone Finder, and Rate Plan Finder.

  • Questions? - Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions.  Please use our contact form here. Since we compare every available service throughout the country, we'll provide a completely unbiased answer.

Top 5 Questions (Phone with New Plan)

  • Can I keep my current number?  Keeping your current number when switching carriers is easy, read more

  • Why is the pricing lower than shopping at a local store?  Authorized online dealers can offer lower prices compared to local store dealerships since they don't have the additional overhead of operating physical stores.

  • How are the phones shipped? 2 Day FedEx or UPS shipping is provided by each authorized dealer.

  • What are the return policies?  All authorized dealers offer 15 day return policies, 30 days in California.

  • Who do I pay?/Who will bill me?  Products purchased will be fulfilled by the authorized dealer or online store you choose to purchase from.  The cellular Carrier (Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc...) will bill you for your monthly cellular service plan(s).

Phone with New Plan: Qualification Requirements

  1. You must be a new customer for the carrier you are choosing or adding an additional line to your existing service.  Pricing for a phone without a new service contract is available on the Phone Only tab

  2. Commit to a 1 or 2 year agreement depending on the carrier and rate plan you choose.  If you are upgrading your phone with your existing carrier, you will also need to agree to another 1 or 2 year contract.

  3. Be approved by the carrier's credit requirements.

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